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Anti-Telemarketing Script


If you are being contacted by a telemarketer and would like to stop the cycle, there is a list of questions attached to help assist you in getting them to stop calling. So, if all you want is fewer telemarketing calls, just say "Please put me on your do-not-call list" each time you receive one. Saying this one line produces a remarkable decrease in such calls. Just make sure you say the phrase "do-not-call list" when speaking. Telemarketers aren't legally obliged to honor requests without this phrase. They'll keep calling if you just say "Please don't call me anymore.".  If the calls persist, there are questions listed below to let the telemarketer know you are going to follow thru the The Federal law governing telemarketers is the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA) 47 USC Section 227.

Before you start answering questions from a telephone solicitor, you must "qualify" the company. If, during the introductory pitch, the telemarketer indicates that they are working for a non-profit firm, or a survey company, hang up immediately.

Use the  Anti-Telemarketing Script form to ask helpful questions.


  • Non-Profit corporations
  • Companies calling you at a place of business  
  • Companies that are not doing business in your area
  • Companies that are conducting surveys.  Note: Some companies will disguise their sales pitch as a survey. In the event this happens you must elicit a frank admission that they are selling something. One way to do this is to get them to send you literature or an order form. Other companies will claim they are invulnerable because they are not "conducting business in your area." Obviously, if they call you at home, they are conducting business and are subject to the full force of the law.