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Cable Modem Fees Upward Bound!

Time Warner and Cox Cable increased the rental fee on modem rentals recently.  Are you concerned about yet another increase? Know your options. 

Time Warner customers will see a monthly increase from $3.95 to $5.99 Cox Cable increases to $6.99 a month; increasing your yearly payment to the cable company of $72 to $84. Options?  One solid choice is to purchase your own modem from the list of models available on the cable company website.  Choices cost from $60 to $100 allowing you to recoup your purchase in just over a year.

This seems pretty straight forward; if you are going to stay with your cable company for the next year you should purchase a new modem. It just makes good financial sense. Be sure to look at your monthly bill to confirm what you are currently paying for because if you have been grandfathered in by an older package, then you are not paying the rental fee.

Even though this is a small price increase to you, it will add $150M revenue to these giant monopoly cable companies. Let's keep those dollars in your pocket. 

Cost of Leasing Cable Modem

Current cost is $10 with Time Warner Cable

Current cost is $6.99 and up with Cox Communications

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