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Consumer Warning: High water levels mean higher water bills

End of drought could bring a flood of high water bills

See the ABC 10NEWS story HERE.

Last week, Governor Brown declared an "end" to California's drought. Now the MWD, Metropolitan Water District, says it's OK to use more water because there's plenty to go around. What they didn't say is that the San Diego Public Utilities Department (SPUD) has a rate structure that punishes conservation. Why? Because the current water rates from SPUD are regressive: SPUD wants you to use more water because the more water you use, the more money it makes.

Even worse, SPUD loves water hogs so much that its rates actually punish people who conserve water and rewards those who waste it with lower rates.  On March 23, 2011, UCAN's Water Project sent a written complaint to SPUD's top appointed bureaucrat, Roger Bailey, protesting the current rate structure as "illegal." 


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