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Why water reform is necessary: SPUD water shut-off policy harming San Diego's seniors

This is no way to treat a senior citizen.

This WATER Story by Joe Little of ABC 10NEWS San Diego exposes how the Water Department's shut-off policies and lack of low-income assistance is harming many San Diego seniors. In this story, UCAN's Water Attorney, David Peffer, expresses deep concern over a SPUD (San Diego Public Utilities Department) water customer who uses only 22 gallons a day and was forced to pay nearly $500 after her water was shut down. The SPUD victim was forced to get her water from a local park after it was shut off.  

Unlike other utilities, SPUD offers NO assistance for low and fixed income customers.  With the City's high rates, even responsible ratepayers are falling behind, and once they do, they face a barrage of fees, penalties, and deposits.


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