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What is the Public Purpose Program Charge

The Public Purpose Programs charge that appears on your monthly utility bill is assessed to pay for various programs required by California law and/or the California Public Utilities Commission. Those programs include renewable resource energy technologies; energy efficiency; research, development and demonstration; and low-income programs. Currently, there are six programs being funded through the Public Purpose Programs charge.

CARE – California Alternate Rates for Energy
The care program provides rate discounts to qualifying low-income residential customers to reduce their energy costs.

Energy Efficiency
The Energy Efficiency (EE) program assists customers to converse energy and eliminate energy waste through the use of monetary incentives and rebates to reduce the cost of installing energy efficient equipment, providing technical advice and support, and offering education and outreach.

LIEE - Low Income Energy Efficiency
The LIEE program provides energy efficiency measures at low or no cost to low-income customers. The LIEE program is separated from the Energy Efficiency program because it qualifies for and receives federal grant funding in addition to a share of the Public Purpose Program Charge.

RD&D – Research Development & Demonstration
The RD&D program provides funding for developing science and technology that is not being adequately addressed by competitive or regulated entities. Program projects include projects focused on energy efficiency, renewable energy, public benefits, and joint opportunities with other entities.

SGIP - Self-Generation Incentive Program
SGIP is an incentive program to promote the development, installation, and interconnection of clean and energy efficient self-generation and cogeneration resources to improve system reliability for the customer. Examples include wind turbines, photovoltaics (solar panels), and fuel cells. These devices are installed on the customer’s side of the meter.

BOE – Board of Equalization Administration Expenses
This program covers the costs incurred by the California Public Utilities Commission and Board of Equalization in administering the public purpose programs.

About UCAN

UCAN has represented the interests of San Diego County utility customers since 1983. UCAN focuses its efforts on the rates and services of San Diego Gas and Electric Company, telecommunications utilities and the City of San Diego Water Department.