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Energy Conservation - Small Appliances

Many small appliances around your home may have a continual readout displayed. For instance, VCRs, coffee makers, stereos and similar products will likely have the time or station continually showing/playing even if the appliance is not being used. This type of energy usage, though small, can add up over time. Put VCRs, stereos, computers and other smaller appliances that tend to remain on even when not being used, on the same power surge protector strip. This way, one switch can turn off all of these appliances quickly and easily. This also helps to protect those appliances from power surges if a rolling black out should occur.  To see how much electricity many small appliances use and what they cost to run per hour click here.

If someone in your home is dependent on a medical appliance, you may qualify for a reduction on your utility bill with the Medical Baseline Allowance program.

A UCAN member recently purchased a watt-meter (available in many electronics stores) to measure the "phantom load" of various appliances. This usage indicates how much electricity appliances consume by just being plugged in but not in use.

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