Utility Watchdog in San Diego

Current Proceedings at the CPUC

R.12-06-013 – Residential Rate reform

R.13-12-011 – Water Energy Nexus proceeding

 A.15-05-002 S-MAP Phase 2

A.15-09-010 – SDG&E Wildfire litigation

A.15-09-013 – SDG&E Gas Pipeline proceeding

R.16-02-007 – SB 350 rulemaking getting g to 50% RPS by 2030-40% GHG by 2030

A.16-03-004 - NDCTP (SONG Decommissioning)

I.16-10-015/016-Risk Assessment and Mitigation Phase 17-01-019- IOUs' DR Program Applications

R.16-12-001- Rule 18

A.17-01-012- Waiver of Certain Affiliate Transaction Rules for Interaction with Unregulated Subsidiary

A.17-01-020- Transportation Electrification

I.17-02-002-Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage Facility Located in LA.

A.17-02-008- Authority to Implement Economic Development Rates

A.17-03-019- Waiver of Certain Affiliate Transaction Rules for Interactions with Unregulated Subsidiary

A.17-04-027- Authority to Implement the Customer Information System Replacement Program

 A.17-06-026 Review, Revise and Consider Alternatives to Power Char Indifference Adjustments (PCIA)

A.17-09-005- Implement Rate Relief and Increase Spend in Support of the San Diego Unified Port District’s Energy Management Plan

 A.17-10-007-SDG&E 2019 Test Year General Rate Case