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UCAN Condemns SDG&E's Secret Rate Hike

Posted December 20th, 2012

SDG&E's $1 billion back-door rate hike slated for approval by unelected bureaucrats.  UCAN and consumer attorney Michael Aguirre urge San Diego voters to contact their elected officials in protest
PUC Commissioners at 415.703.2782
Assemblyperson Ben Heso (619) 409-7979
Assembly person Toni Atkins (619) 645-3090
Assembyperson Shirley Weber (916) 319-2079
Senator Marty Block (619) 645-3133

SDG&E customers currently pay the highest rates in the USA, but if a proposed decision by an unelected bureaucrat is approved today, rates will climb even higher. Today, the California Public Utilities Commission could vote to force the SDG&E customers to cover hundreds of millions of dollars in past and future wildfire costs for fires that were started by SDG&E's poorly-maintained powerlines. SDG&E will not be held responsible for its role in starting the firestorms, nor will it have an incentive to prevent fires caused by its own faulty powerlines.
Consumer attorney Mike Aguirre says this proposal is a "secret plan" that "foists $1 billion in new rates onto SDG&E customers." According to Aguirre, who helped expose the full extent of the secret rate hike with UCAN earlier this year, San Diegans are "watching slow motion corruption at a Public Utility Commission that is supposed to protect San Diego ratepayers, not rob them.”
UCAN is urging ratepayers to call their elected officials to demand that CPUC, the California Public Utilities Commission be accountable to the people it is chartered to serve.
SDG&E victims, who are expected to pay between $347 to $700 per meter to cover the costs of the SDGE fire fund known as "WEBA," the Wildfire Expense Balancing Account, are urged to call their elected officials and the California Public Utility Commission. The estimated cost per meter for the SDG&E's corporate welfare program will range from $350 to $700.