Utility Watchdog in San Diego

Scammers Use Utility Companies

Have you had to hang up on aggressive callers from the ‘electric utility’'?

Here is a warning to consumers about calls from scammers who claim to be representatives of the utility company. Callers say power bills are overdue and threaten to shut off the electricity unless an immediate payment is made. These callers are aggressive, calling repeatedly and demanding immediate payment.
The scammers may demand a credit card number immediately over the phone, ask you to call a special number with payment information or instruct you to buy a prepaid credit card and give them the account number. Do not engage such callers or provide any payment information. Instead, hang up quickly and contact your electric provider. Never give personal and/or financial information to strangers or people who call you.

SDG&E does not proactively contact consumers and ask for credit card information over the phone.

SDG&E customers should not provide any financial information by phone unless they have initiated the conversation. If any customers receives a phone call that makes them feel uncomfortable, and they know they have an outstanding balance that needs to be resolved, they should hang up and call SDG&E directly at 1-800-411-7343.