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  1. Have notice of the contract change/increase on hand
  2. Call carrier
  3. Ask if the change/increase applies to you
  4. Read the "Material Adverse" section of your contract to the CSR
  5. State that the change/notice has a material adverse affect on you and that you want to cancel your contract without being charged a termination fee
  6. Escalate to a supervisor when the CSR tells you that you can't cancel without paying an early termination fee
  7. Be persistent and don't back off your position that the change/increase has a materially adverse affect on you and that the carrier's own contract entitles you to cancel without penalty

Mobile Phone Plan Checker - Buying a Cell Phone


 The guide that strikes fear in the hearts of wireless salespeople IS NOW REVISED.  REQUEST A MAILED COPY.

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See a humorous video about the Mobile Phone Plan Checker or check out this video of UCAN investigating misleading practices at cell phone kiosks.



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Despite continuous improvements to the technology, wireless companies have not found a way to stop unsolicited or SPAM Text Messages. There are a few solutions out there that each of the companies allow. Here are the steps you can take with the 4 largest wireless companies to help stop unsolicited text messages.

Verizon Wireless

At vtext.com if you go to the preference section you can set up Spam Blocking for no charge. It allows you the option to:

  • block all messages originating from the web
  • block up to 15 specific email addresses and/or web domains
  • only allow email messages sent to your Vtext.com nickname
  • block messages sent from all email addresses
  • See: http://support.vzw.com/information/blocks_comparison.html
  • You can also call customer service. You should contact customer service if you need to have a charge for the unsolicited text removed.

AT&T Mobility

AT&T does not have a method for you to block incoming text from wireless numbers unless you sign up for Smart Limits at $4.99 per month.  AT&T suggests that you should reply with the word STOP to unsolicited text messages to prevent further messages particularly if the message is from a shortcode.  Otherwise you should contact AT&T Customer Service.

See: http://www.wireless.att.com/support_static_files/KB/svc/documents/122091...

T-Mobile USA

With T-Mobile you can only block all text messaging to prevent unsolicited texts However, you can set up SPAM filters for you @tmobile.net address that some texts could be sent to.

See: http://support.t-mobile.com/doc/tm23533.xml

Sprint Nextel




General help

help block

Help with blocking senders

help allow

Help with allowing senders that have been blocked

block <shortcode or phone number>

Block a shortcode or phone number (4 to 10 digits)

block <user@domain>

Block an email address

block <@domain>

Block all messages from a specific domain

block email

Block all email addresses

allow <shortcode or phone number>

Allow a sender that has been blocked (4 to 10 digits)

allow <user@domain>

Allow an email address that has been blocked

allow <@domain>

Allow messages from a domain that has been blocked

allow email

Allow all email addresses

allow all

Allow messages from all senders (removes all blocks)


Lists blocked senders

spam <shortcode or phone number>

Report spam from a shortcode or phone number (4 to 10 digits)

spam <user@domain>

Report spam from an email address

With Sprint you can block or all senders, see a list of senders you have blocked, or report spam by sending a text message to 9999 (no charge).

You can also log into your Sprint account online and add or remove phone numbers, or web addresses to the Block Text Messages list under Communication Tool

If you want to block all billable text messages contact Sprint Customer Service

See: http://support.sprint.com/support/article/Block_or_allow_text_messages_o...

Reporting Unsolicited Text Messages

Unsolicited text messages are likely violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and a complaint should be filed at:



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